dog rose climbing
hovering above the ground
on black polished stones in a rivated cage
moving out from anywhere
in red patterns of safe hold
rise at day towards the
leafy branches of the woods

forced female outcries from the past
show though the berries of seabuckthorn
A fairy in a bathing hut
steps out at dawn as in a spell
a passing glance in cold green water
wiped away to reach the stars

...all immersed into the deep.

Kate Burgener Nov 16

sound: Kapelle Clairmont Beat Feller und Dieter Seibt
sound editing: Kate Burgener
film locations:
Hiddensee D, Boulderclub Kreuzberg Berlin, Lorrainebad Bern
thanks to Sébastien and Meret Lüdi, Lilo Spahr

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rosa_pendulina 2016 video loop 2.23''
Kate Burgener

29. 07. 2017